4oz Bags | 12 Pack
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4oz Bags | 12 Pack
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Himalayan Pink Salt


10g of Protein per serving

Low Carb

Keto Friendly

Gluten & Grain Free

Our Himalayan Pink Salt protein chips are thin & crispy like a traditional potato chip, but without the potatoes! Each bag of Wilde Chips is crafted from real ingredients including 100% all-natural chicken breast, egg whites and bone broth. High in protein and low in carbs, our Himalayan Pink Salt chips are great on their own, but also pair well with any dip you can get your hands on!


    Real ingredients

    What's in the bag

    Chicken breast

    egg whites

    chicken bone broth

    What's not in the bag

    No dairy

    No potato

    No plant protein concentrates

    No grain

    No nuts

    No gluten

    no antibiotics or hormonesgluten freemade in usa

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