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I’ve always loved potato chips. Growing up my family would say, “an open bag is an empty bag if it’s in Jason’s hands”. That never changed, but as I got older, I wanted more than just empty calories from my snacks.  I turned to jerky for a while and tried processed and plant based “protein” chips, but neither satisfied my snack cravings like good old potato chips.

Switching back and forth between jerky and potato chips made me think “why hasn’t someone combined these two to make one tasty protein packed snack?” 5 years and a lot of empty bags later that little question in my head became the thin & crispy Wilde Chips in your hand. 

It’s now my passion to help you ditch the potato and replace your favorite chips with high protein Wilde Chips for a tasty snack you feel good about crunching down on!

Stay Wilde!- jason wright

meet the team

  • jason wright


  • Eric Skarry

    President of Finance & Ops

  • Philippe Barnoud

    VP of Ops

  • Brad Bingham

    National Field Marketing

  • Melissa Wright

    Logistics Manager

  • Liz Valles


  • Ryan Wattonville

    Marketing Manager

  • Phil Nye

    Regional Field Marketing