Ditch the potato

Wilde is the story of an impossible snack made possible through relentless innovation and never taking no for an answer. We ditched the potato and transformed 100% all-natural chicken into delicious thin & crispy chips. So good, we deserve to be a little cocky.

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Jason Wright

Jason Wright, CEO

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For the Love of Chips

Wilde brands could only ever have a wild founder, enter Jason Wright. He fell in love with chips early in his childhood, with a household mantra of “an open bag is an empty bag.” When he realized his metabolism couldn’t keep up with his insatiable craving for crisp, his entrepreneurial soul was sparked to find a healthier alternative to his chip love affair.

Chips for Chips’ Sake

Rebellious minds breed rebellious ideas: so when Jason hatched the idea of a crispy chip made from all natural chicken breast, the only word he heard was “no.” He turned to a like-minded rebel from history for inspiration, one famous for his refusal to accept the notion of impossible and dedicated his brand to Oscar Wilde, and anyone who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He pushed on to make his impossibly delicious snacking dreams come true.

Chippin’ Aint Easy

But the road to impossibly delicious chips was paved with imperfections. Time and time again, the results just weren’t up to Jason’s standards: if they’re not bingeable, they’re not Wilde. After months of crisping and crackling, Jason evolved into a frying savant. His newfound expertise resulted in cracking the code of the perfect chip for a health kick.

Impossibly delicious

Today Wilde chips are so good it’s almost unbelievable. The crisped to perfection chips are so packed with flavor you almost forget they’re filled to the cluckin’ brim with protein. Trust us, your taste buds (and your biceps) will be thanking you.