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Wilde Barbecue Chicken Chips Bag

Barbecue Chicken Chips

Smoky, savory barbecued chicken combined with premium ingredients for a perfect balance in a healthy chip. And potatoes will never beat actual chicken for BBQ.
Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken Chips

Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken Chips

Sea salt and tangy white vinegar combined with 100% premium chicken create a healthy and mouthwatering twist on a classic taste.
Buffalo Chicken Chips

Buffalo Chicken Chips

Bold, tangy, in-your-face hot sauce flavor, without the mess and the guilt, and with the delicious crunch of a chip!
Jalapeno Chicken Chips

Jalapeno Chicken Chips

The peppery zest of jalapenos is unmistakable, and this high-protein, low-carb chip, has a kick you definitely won't mistake for ordinary.
Chicken Chips Variety Pack - Four Flavors

Chicken Chips Variety Pack
Four Flavors

Online Exclusive! One bag of each flavor: Barbecue, Buffalo, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and JalapeƱo. Each bag of Chicken Chips in the collection is grain-free, gluten free, and un-potatoed for snacking happiness.