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Barbeque-Chicken Chips

Chicken Chips

An Authentic Backyard Barbeque

The smoky, savory, familiar flavor of barbecued chicken is captured in this thin and crispy, guilt-free chip. Made with 100% real premium chicken and seasoned with sm...

Buffalo-Chicken Chips

Chicken Chips

Wing Night on the Go

Imagine the delicious indulgence of buffalo wings combined with the crispy crunch of a chip - without the mess and guilt! You may have even tried buffalo chicken jerky or...

Jalapeno-Chicken Chips

Chicken Chips

This Chicken is Kickin'

The peppery zest of jalapeno gives this 100% premium chicken chip unmistakable kick! Enjoy the satisfying crunch of potato chips in a high-protein, low-carb, amazing t...

Sea Salt & Vinegar-Chicken Chips

Sea Salt & Vinegar
Chicken Chips

Tangy, Salty, and So Satisfying

Savor the mouthwatering taste of salt and vinegar in a high-protein, good-for-you chip. Sea salt and tangy white vinegar are combined with 100% premium chicken...