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Four Flavor Variety Pack

Box of 4 - 2.25 oz. bags

The Ultimate Sample Pack

Online Exclusive! Can't choose which flavor to try? The 4-pack variety pack includes our "greatest hits." One bag of each flavor: Barbecue, Buffalo, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Jalapeño.

Jalapeño Chicken Chips:
The peppery zest of jalapeno gives this 100% premium chicken chip unmistakable kick!

Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken Chips:
Savor the mouthwatering taste of salt and vinegar in a high-protein, good-for-you chip.

Buffalo Chicken Chips:
Imagine the delicious indulgence of buffalo wings combined with the crispy crunch of a chip – without the mess and guilt!

Barbecue Chicken Chips:
The smoky, savory, familiar flavor of barbecued chicken is captured in this thin and crispy, guilt-free chip.

Ingredients Matter:
Each bag is made with 100% natural premium chicken, tapioca flour, and crisped in coconut oil. Packed with 7g of protein per serving. No refined sugars, gluten-free, grain-free, low carb and paleo-certified. Our chicken chips crunch like a potato chip but don't have the unhealthy ingredients of a potato chip.

A crunch you can hear and an explosion of flavor!

Chicken Chips are Made from 3 Simple Ingredients
Chicken Chips are made from 100% Natural Chicken with No GMOs

Made with premium cuts
of 100% natural chicken

No antibiotics or growth hormones

Chicken Chips are made with Tapioca Flour, which comes from Cassava Root

Tapioca Flour
From Cassava Root

For that signature crunch

Wilde Chicken Chips are Crisped in Coconut Oil

Crisped in
coconut oil

Healthy fats to fuel your action