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3 Simple Ingredients

Snack Without Guilt!

We turned 3 simple ingredients into the most satisfying chip you’ve ever crunched. We think of our Chicken Chips as the perfect guilt-free indulgence! Instead of loading on carbs that leave you feeling empty, we’ve crafted the crispiest new snack from just 3 wholesome ingredients.

Every Wilde Chicken Chip is made from just –

#1: Chicken breast (never skin) from responsibly farmed chickens.

We’ve partnered with the Global Animal Partnership to support farms and family-owned ranches using the best animal welfare practices. Our chickens are cared for in a stress-free environment where they’re given a vegetarian, non-GMO diet free from antibiotics and growth stimulants.

#2: Gluten-free tapioca flour that delivers crunch without grains.

Don’t be fooled – tapioca flour is a flour in name only! It’s actually a powder made from the pulp from the cassava root, also known as yucca. Tapioca flour is used in gluten-free cooking to create the crunch that makes Wilde Chicken Chips so satisfying!

#3: Heart-healthy coconut oil that becomes renewable energy.

Believe it or not, the oil your chips are cooked in can make or break how healthy (or not) they are. Why did we pick coconut oil? We love coconut oil because it’s a plant-based fat rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and it’s very different from the saturated fats your doctor warns you about. In fact, coconut oil may actually help to protect again heart disease and stroke while lowering your LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol.

Plus, our very own coconut oil is converted to renewable energy after use and even helps to power the plant that creates the chips. A perfect, satisfying circle, if you will!

Nothing You Don’t Need!

When we created Wilde Chicken Chips, it wasn’t enough that they were made from three fantastic-for-you ingredients (Nutrition Facts & Ingredients). We also wanted to make sure they were free from the junk you don’t want in your snacks.

Wilde Chips are "Big 8” Allergen Free

Our Chicken Chips are free from the "Big 8” major allergens as outlined by federal law. You can be confident that they’re free from:

  • Milk (free of all dairy, including cow’s milk, cream and casein)
  • Eggs
  • Gluten and wheat
  • Soy (including soy milk, tofu and soy protein isolate)
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts (including almonds, walnuts and pecans)*

Wilde Chips are GMO Free (Genetically Modified Organisms)
The Non-GMO Project, an independent third-party nonprofit organization, has verified that our supply chain for producing the chips does not contain any GMOs.

Wilde Chips are Free from Empty Calories

We don’t believe in empty-calorie snack foods. What’s an empty calorie? Food containing little to no nutritional value. In every 170 calories per serving, you get 7 grams of protein from real chicken meat cooked in heart-healthy coconut oil.

Wilde Chips are Free from Refined Sugars

We never use refined sugars, including high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose.

*USDA/FDA standards classify coconut as a tree nut (even though it’s more like a fruit) – Wilde Chicken Chips are cooked in coconut oil.